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 Journal of the Botanical Section of the Hungarian Biological Society



Volume 105. Issue 1.

(Paper in Hungarian with English Abstract)

Paál H., Kota M., Szabó L. Gy.: Remembering Imre Vinczeffy, the outstanding figure in Hungarian grassland research
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(Paper in English with Hungarian Abstract)

Ragályi P., Kádár I., Szemán L., Csathó P., Csontos P.: Effect of N, P and K fertilization on the species succession of an established grass sward during a decade
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(Papers in Hungarian with English Abstract)

Király G., Király A. 2018: Chorological, ecological and taxonomic notes on the vascular flora of Hungary III.
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Vojtkó A., E-Vojtkó A., Dulai S., Farkas T.: Characteristics of forest vegetation on the karst plateau of Alsó-hegy (Gömör–Torna karst, Hungary)
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Kevey B., Tóth I. 2018: Oak-ash-elm forests (Scillo vindobonensis-Ulmetum Kevey in Borhidi at Kevey 1996) in the Mohács Island, Southern Hungary
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Stefán E.: Botanical and landscape history studies on the vineyard hill of Alsószuha village (NE Hungary)
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Csecserits A., Barabás S., Csabai J., Devescovi K., Hanyecz K., Höhn M., Kósa G., Németh A., Orlóci L., Papp L., Pándi I., Ruborits T., Sütöriné Dr. Diószegi M., Szitár K., Tihanyi Gy., ifj. Papp L.  2018: Summary of the experiences of Hungarian botanical gardens with terrestrial plant species included in the European Union’s list of invasive alien species
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Activity of the Botanical Section of the Hungarian Biological Society (S.-Falusi E.) 155

Manuscripts accepted for publication
Kovács Zs., Barabás S., Höhn M. 2018: Germination study of the giant plantain (Plantago maxima Juss. ex. Jacq.)
Abbas A. F., Mojzes A., Kalapos T. 2018: Effect of plant derived smoke on the sprouting of asexual reproductive organs for three herbaceous perennial plant species






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